My impressions on the systemic coaching course.

Good day dear friends!

I decided to leave my feedback about Natalia Spokoinyi’s education for those who are looking into this possibility for themselves. I hope that my feedback helps you make your decision.

As i am used to structuring information i will go down the list

  1. About me

I am a business analyst, consultant, professional manager (I have 2 degrees, an MBA and significant experience in the private sector) and business coach. 

I came to N. Spokoinyi at IIS to learn at a systemic coaching course so as to become more qualified and become a truly effective coach for my clients.

  1. About the teaching method.

It is my opinion that the chosen method is most effective for the goal i came here to reach. To clarify; the training is built upon practical skill development. That is, during the lessons we look at and work with real client requests. The instructor (N. Spokoinyi) closely monitors the progress of the session/constellation. Occasionally pausing the session so as to give us constructive commentary, draw our attention to subtle details, which can nonetheless be very important for understanding the problem, explain the (sometimes hidden) point of an occurrence and explain what would be optimal to the client as a next step. Theoretical theses are used as explanations to the practical work. Another advantage, in addition to the above, is the ability to exchange ideas and experience with fellow students during group work (from time to time this leads to some distinctive brainstorming).

  1. About the instructor.

Natalia Spokoinyi is a very sensitive person and is never indifferent. She is the same as a teacher. The accompaniment of our sessions is very delicate (I have never heard a single offensive comment, it seems to me that this is basically impossible). She is always on our side and always gives us her best. I especially want to note the professionalism and huge stock of knowledge and experience of Natalia herself. From the very beginning I understood that there is a lot of valuable, useful and interesting things to learn from her – now this is exactly what is happening.

  1. About the results.

After a fairly short time (about 2 months), I began to receive dividends (I noticed the conversion of quantity into quality). When working with a client, I began to see deeper, to understand where the client is heading (or what he is leaving behind), why it happens and how it is more effective to bring the client results.I am growing as a coach, becoming more confident and professional, and this inspires and motivates me. And I know that this is only the beginning – there is only growth ahead. Actually, that is why I am happy to write this review and hope that it will be useful for you. 

To conclude, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Natalia and wish her success in all her endeavors.

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