Letters from a son and his mother

Dear Natalya,

I am very thankful to you for having supported me in extremely difficult situations by taking K. out of the condition of trance, depression, and escape. You have shown him and me a new look at RELIGION, not at the articles of religion preached by priests but at the real live Christianity, which should serve the people. The correct books which you recommended my son to read have changed his outlook (atleast I believe so). As a result, he returned to the Academy, and this is totally your achievement. This is the main one point.

Secondly, the systemic family constellations at which I was present produced a very strong impression on me. They showed me how strong our connection with our kin is and revealed very interesting details, and, most importantly, they taught me to be grateful to all for all.  In general, the feeling of universal love was fully present during the systemic constellations.

Thirdly, I thank you for having discovered my son for me and having shown his inner self to me. Earlier, it was all different. I will try not to lose this feeling I have for him and to do what suits this feeling best.

Fourthly, I thank you for your advice which I value much. I have always taken my own decisions but it turned out they were not always right. You were very sensitive in helping me and you did it with your heart open to me. Thank you for it.

Fifthly, I have learnt a lot from you in terms of bringing up children. I absolutely sincerely admire you as a mother. I admire you for having remained an attractive woman, with all your duties, – this is also real art.

It is great you exist! You are doing truly Christian work!

May God beware you, your remarkable children, and your husband.

Love and respect, Anna

After several months of work, the diagnosis of schizophrenia was discarded. K. returned to the Düsseldorf Academy of Arts and later went to Moscow to learn icon-painting.

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