I want a baby

My colleague advised me to address Natalia. My request was a baby: I wanted to have a baby.

The constellation was done by Skype!  Frankly speaking, I was worried and I doubted the result. However, everything was fine, and I had an absolute feeling that we were near each other.

I feel at home after the constellation session. I feel protected, harmonious, and calm. I have even become more confident. I have started to think and to bring my mind to order; I am working at my family relations and I am now accepting my loved ones without pain and reproaches, just as they are. I can see even changes at my work. I have noticed that my boss no longer irritates me.

This is surprising for me, because I usually cannot stay next to her for a long time – that breaks me down to pieces. And now I am so calm… 🙂 I simply perceive her as part of life.

I have become more confident: the most important thing for me is to accept and love myself, as I used to doubt and analyze everything.

It seems to me that the effect of systemic constellation is getting revealed gradually.

Natalia, thank you for your invaluable work!

Note: Viktoria gave birth to a baby girl in November 2013.

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