I am ecstatic

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I met Natalia quite by chance (although there are no accidents). She struck me with her beautifully simple communication. No hint of arrogance, no hint of superiority. She immediately led the dialogue in a clear and competent manner. In the end I was invited to participate for free as a guest in her lesson. But I did not feel at all like a guest as I was immediately involved in the process. This was in spite of me thinking that I would be merely a spectator even while walking to the class.

Therefore I, quite unexpectedly, discovered a lot of interesting nuances. I became a member of the online constellations. A request was formed and Natalia included all participants. No one was left out. She very skillfully and wisely began to lead the constellation. She gave everyone an opportunity to express their point of view. Therefore, everyone “drew” for themselves and gained their own experience. Everything was done clearly and precisely. No extra “fluff”, no “blurred” and unnecessary speeches. All clear and to the point. As a result, we got very in-depth knowledge and the information everyone needed. This was noticeable at the end of the constellation, when the feedback was given. As for myself, I will add that I got a lot of experience, as the next day I felt a slight malaise and dizziness. This is normal for a body which has experienced such a “cleaning”.

Therefore, to say “THANK YOU” to such a teacher is tantamount to saying nothing as there are no words that sufficiently express gratitude. Natalia is the greatest teacher. She comes to her students and TEACHES. It is in this that she is different from others. And I will definitely find a way to learn from her in person (so as not to depend on the whims of the Internet, which can sometimes fail us).

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