Professional Training Program

The IIS professional training program commits to the highest level of quality in teaching and research in Systemic Constellations. We educate top specialists of tomorrow using a challenging and versatile curriculum. All training programs are certified and meet the quality criteria of DGfS (German Society of Systemic Constellation Facilitators), currently the most respected and experienced organization for Systemic Constellations in the world.

Uniqueness of our Teaching Approach and how IIS Differs from Similar Programs

Diversity: We work in international groups, deliberately attract students of different nationalities, cultural heritage, and religious denominations. This way we can offer the full spectrum of possible dynamics, perspectives, feelings and perceptions of the real world. The learning process gains depth and multiplicity becomes vivid and interesting.


  1. Spirituality: The IIS Berlin team considers constellation work as a kind of spiritually-oriented psychotherapy. During the constellation, we come into a timeless dimension – there is neither past nor future, but only the present. The results could be considered as a miracle: the client’s problems are solved,  and some serious illnesses or symptoms can even disappear. There are documented cases in genetic research, especially epigenetics, where changes in genes occurred following a session or course of Systemic Constellations. At IIS we study the physical parameters of the electric field of a client and group participants, particularly the wave and color characteristics. During our educational training we intend to work with corresponding measurement tools in the context of our training programs, if there appears a request of students cohort. There is undeniable evidence that Systemic Constellations cause profound changes, even subconsciously. Hereby, changes of the characteristics (mainly frequency of the vibrations in the field) can be observed with clients, substitutes, and group participants. But this is only possible if you work at the highest spiritual level, or in other words directing the constellation at the spiritual dimension. This is why our team believes that the most effective therapy for the soul is conducted by implements of the spirit. We aim not just to not share with our students theoretical and practical qualifications but also to develop their spiritual orientation.
  2. Intuition: We underline the importance of the intuition development and increase of sensing abilities of our
    students. They have to be able to instantly “ground”, to come into the presence state, to unite empathy for the client with objectivity. When working with severe and special cases we teach them to keep the balance through distinct diligence and perseverance.
  3. Safety: Special attention is paid to the personal safety of the facilitator, the client, and the group. We train our students to obtain energy from the constellation work because this is the best precaution against occupational burnout.
  4. Innovative Methods: In our curriculum we include a spectrum of state-of-the-art methods and tools for constellation work such as:
  • Integrated Systemic Constellations: a client announces several requests at the same time and we look for a common key, common denominator applicable to both parents’ systems.
  • Online Constellations for groups (facilitator, client and the substitutes can be located in different cities and countries, while one and consistent constellation field is created through communication via video conferences).
  • Incorporated Methods combining Systemic Constellations with other forms of spiritually-oriented psychotherapy, e.g. Quadripartite Model Body-Emotions-Intellect-Spirit for Constellation Work in Cases of Severe Trauma.

The training course typically contains:

  1. Modules (2 to 4 days each) – theoretical and practical lessons, exercises and demonstrations.
  2. Clients Groups – In this setting, it is possible to work on a deeply personal level while being guided by experienced professionals.
  3. Praxis Groups – to conclude each module students will apply the gained knowledge practically in small groups. While instructed by experienced professionals, they will learn to work independently.
  4. Supervision – at the end of each course there will be a series of supervision groups. Each student will have to complete at least two supervisions before being certified.

During the training, we will help students to organize the community peer groups so that they can practice the method themselves.

Our institute offers the following part-time degrees

Introduction to Systemic Constellations (Basic course, 2 years)

Advanced Systemic Constellations (1 year)

Systemic Constellations in Online Groups (1-1.5 years)

Systemic Symptoms Constellations (1 year)

DGfS Certification for Family Constellations Facilitator Preparation Course (Master, >6 months, for German citizens only)

DGfS Certification for Instructive Therapist Preparation Course (Master, individual program, for German citizens only)

Systemic Structural Constellations (1 year)

Systemic Organizational Constellations (1.5-2 years)

Counseling and Couples Therapy (1 year)

Systemic Sexual Therapy (1.5-2 years)

Family Constellations

Parents and Children – Systemic Constellation Work

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