About Systemic Constellations at IIS and Advantages of Being our Client

In this section, you will learn more about systemic constellations, family
constellations, symptomatic constellations, organizational constellations.
What are constellations? What are they needed for? And for which issues
can they help, namely how your life will change as a result of the
constellation. The advantages for our clients are also described below.

Here you will find information about IIS-Berlin specialists, a brief description
of BEMS-Model – a proprietary method, which is extremely effective when
dealing with any request and trauma of the ancestral. You will learn how to
order a personal systemic constellation offline or online, a consultation with
Natalya Spokoinyi or other experts of our Institute.

Only with us (we are world’s only experts) you can order a constellation
within an online group.


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