Psychotherapeutic and Systemic Constellation Work

Psychotherapeutic and Systemic Constellation Work

In German- and Russian-Speaking Countries, Further Systemic Constellations Online

Certified psychologist, member of the World Council for Psychotherapy and European Association for Psychotherapy and Russian Association for Psychotherapy.

Focus of my work

Systemic Family und Structual Constellations, Trauma Therapy

  • Work with symptoms (of illnesses), mental disorders and borderline mental health
  • Work with incest, trauma resulting from sexual abuse
  • Guidance towards healthy relationships between lovers, parents and children
  • Self-discovery, search for orientation in life and companionship
  • Work with infertility and miscarriage

Systemic Organizational Constellations:

  • Help in search for vocation
  • Learning to deal with money
  • Help in setting up your own business
  • Working with staff, partners and customers
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Testing of organizations, business ideas, business in general

Constellation work with children and adolescent

Christian psychologist, method of Marilyn Murray

Expert in working with colors, aura using WinAura Pro

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