About Institute

International Institute of Systemic Constellations IIS is an educational, academic and experimental centre in the area of contemporary systemic constellations.

Our main task is teaching systemic constellations in high quality in all their variety.

All the qualification programs are certified and meet the quality criteria of DGfS (German Society for Systemic Constellations). We educate high class specialists on an international level.

Our Aims

  1. To bring both the teaching process and the constellation work to a new level by means of:

Integrating the highest achievements in psychotherapy, systemic constellations and modern science.

Orienting the constellations work and therapy toward the spiritual dimension, where a person is considered holistically and the therapy is directed towards restoring his integrity on all levels – from body and emotions to intellect and spirit.

developing our students’ intuition and the skill “to ground” quickly, to enter the state of presence, to combine the empathy for the client with neutrality, ability to resist circumstances and keep the balance, while working with difficult and “heavy” topics.

integrating students into one group, who have antagonising dynamics both in the context of wars, revolutions, religious and national conflicts.

Combining German orderliness with Russian sincerity.

  1. To make a serious step towards the integration of the Russian-speaking population into the German society.
  2. To bring the relationship between our people to a new level, first, within the student group and later in the wider communities. We will learn to listen and to hear each other on all the available levels – from the physical to the spiritual ones.
  3. To make the teaching process more vivid, versatile, interesting, as it will be held at the junction of several cultures and traditions.

IIS — is an international institute where

Training is provided in mixed Russian-German groups in both languages, and students and trainers are invited from Russian and German-speaking countries.

You can find the most distinguished and experienced teachers and trainers representing various schools and systems of thought, so that each student can see all the different aspects of the work of constellations and select what suits them best.

Teaching is exercised in an environment of research, including consulting different specialists and debating possible forms and methods of work.

Our students are trained in a multitude of specialization areas, not only in the work of systemic constellations but also in systemic couple therapy, systemic sex therapy, various methods of consulting, systemic addiction therapy, and other areas of systemic therapy closely connected with the work of constellations and naturally complementing it.

The advantages of our Institute

  • We pay special attention to training students in working safely with your client or group and to derive energy from the work of systemic constellations, which is the best preventive remedy for professional burnout.
  • We actively involve all interested students in systemic constellations research. In particular, we are planning to investigate the influence of systemic constellations on the physical, mental, and spiritual health of Man. We plan to work with different physical instruments, including video recordings of aura and bio resonance methods, we are oriented on active cooperation with medical doctors and researchers, social workers, priests, and spirit guardians.
  • As system constellations work is closely connected with physical therapy, we invite dance therapists, specialists in various breathing practices, kinesiologists, osteopaths, etc to teach some of their techniques.
  • After successful graduation from our Institute, we do our best to help our students find jobs. We will provide the best of them with the opportunity of working in our Institute. New specialists will receive recommendations to be certified with the DGfS (German Society of Systemic Constellations) as systemic facilitators or trainer therapists. We are also planning to launch an optional course in attracting future clients for your business.

The principles of our work

  • German quality and accuracy
  • Russian cordiality and hospitality
  • Innovative technologies and continuous growth
  • Reliability and stability
  • High professionalism, responsibility for our actions, encouraging a professional spiritually-oriented and responsible attitude in our students
  • Presence of qualified interpreters at all sessions
  • Respect for all, attention to and consideration for each person
  • Affordable prices

Client references

I wish to say that Natalya is a true professional. She gets transformed completely during a systemic constellation to become a guide of the Supreme Will. She conducts a constellation confidently and clearly. I fully trust her work of systemic constellations and can sincerely advise everyone to choose her as a constellations therapist of the highest level.
With respect and gratitude,
Alexandra, Berlin, 23.08.14

I am sure Natalya is the person to address, even if you have nothing to believe in any longer. Thank you for your invaluable work!!!
Anna K., Ukraine, 17.05.14


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