Why you need a Family Constellation

People usually come to Family Constellations when they feel they need to take a deeper look at the situation or their problem that cannot be solved by conventional methods.

Video – Interview What are Systemic Constellations and what are they for

When encountering problems, we first try to cope with them rationally. We think: “What is happening? What can I do about it?” Some situations can be resolved in this manner. However, part of our problems manifests at the level of unconscious reactions. When we try to analyze such situations rationally, we come to a deadend: either, solutions are not found or they are found but do not work. A common example is repetitive life scenarios. A woman breaks off a relationship with her boyfriend, as soon as he proposes to her, although it seems to her that she wants to get married and start a family; this situation is occurring for the third time. A man experiences the failure of his fourth business — something goes wrong as soon as the business reaches a certain level of revenue. Another example of a deadlock situation is continuous symptoms, especially when no noticeable pathology is found: “I have had headaches for several years: the doctors have checked everything but found nothing.”

It was Sigmund Freud, who first suggested the metaphor of an iceberg for the subconscious:  Its tip, no more than one-tenth, is above the water and the rest is hidden in the depths of the ocean. It is this concealed part that Systemic Constellations addresses. Using this method, we can shed some light on the deep dark abyss of the unconscious mind, illuminate the sources of our reactions and our hidden interrelations.

Systemic Constellations works well especially in cases where the client experiences difficulties to articulate the problem. This is due to the fact that in constellations we rather work with feelings and images than with logical constructs. Often a simple theme will be enough to kick-off a constellation, for example, “my relationship with my husband”, “my headaches”, “me and my business”. And because in constellations we work based on associations and intuition, it is possible to unravel underlying causes and come about unconventional solutions.

The second important feature of the method is the opportunity to look at the problem from a systems perspective. We can say that each person is a hologram of his own family system: whether we realize it or not, inside we carry a particle of our parents, and the parents of their parents, and so on. Events in the life of our ancestors have an impact on our lives, even if we were not familiar with these people and do not know anything about the events on a conscious level. The roots of many of our problems are found in the family history and are passed on from generation to generation.

The method of Systemic Constellations best suited to solve problems, which require observing the circumstances at the level of unconscious processes and/or recognize systemic influences mostly the fate of our ancestors).

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