Сonstellation work in the light of Сhristian psychology

Сommandments of God (Biblical and Evangelical) as orders in the constellation work and a basis formation of the integrity of personality.

Spokoinyi Natalia Vadimovna (n.spokoinyi@gmail.com), Director of International Institute for Systemic Constellation, Berlin; exegesis teacher of the Old and the New Testament, certified psychoterapist of EAP, certified DgFS trainer, Germany, Berlin.

Deep connection between Constellation Work and Christian Psychology displays. Their general principles are: to be thankful for everything, respect for everybody and freedom of choice. A view at the constellation like a Ray of Divine Light is given. It allows a person to find out where he is and where God wants him to route through problems and difficulties of his life. Laws of the universe which for a Christian are expressed in the Commandments of God are also seen from the perspective of the Orders of Love in a Constellation Work. In the example of the Body, Emotions, Intellect and Spirit Model a possibility of effective work on a personality integrity after severe traumas is shown.

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