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About Systemic Family Constellations

A Systemic Family Constellation is a powerful tool for professions involved in personality development (for example, psychotherapy, consulting, spiritual teachers and practitioners, etc.).

This is one of the most effective methods of short-duration therapy. It is a unique opportunity to explore what is really happening and investigate the underlying causes and to understand how past events of your family history influence your present life.

What are Systemic Constellations and what are they for – Interview:

Constellations give insights into a problem or a disease from a different dimension (a different perspective). They allow you to see clearly, why those occurred in your life, what they are really all about, and where your life or your attitude needs adjustment. Thereby, either the problem gets resolved and the disease disappears, or the client learns to cope with its presence in such a way as not to lose balance and strength, while remaining fully invested in life (usually called acceptance).

A Constellation is a search for the Truth that liberates; it is a glance into the depths of your subconscious. Our body is a powerful resonator, it can enter into resonance with other people and the entire Universe. This is the foundation for the phenomenon of representational perception, the fact that any person, chosen to substitute someone from the client’s family system (for example, his aunt, the dead great grandfather, or an aborted child), actually experiences the feelings of the represented person, whether alive or dead. The client himself or, rather, his body, begins to resonate with these significant people. This allows a Family Constellation to be performed, for example, in imagination or by Skype (by telephone), using any objects in the room as substitutes. In case a constellation group is unavailable, the information is provided both by the client’s and the facilitator’s body and feelings.

A Systemic Family Constellation is magic, a miracle, as it makes a human life complete, in which all the episodes, like a puzzle, together form an integrated meaningful picture of ascension to the Higher Purpose. Increasingly, one begins to comprehend the causes and the meaning of what has been happening, to realize one’s utmost mission and often even to foresee the future.

Constellations are a way of understanding, why we should “be thankful for everything”. Constellation work is not psychotherapy in its classical sense nor a spiritual practice. It is a way to realize that everything in your life, and especially everything hard, has been leading to a Higher Purpose: namely, to accept yourself and others as they are and being thankful for everything there is, was and will be. In other words, this is a way to humble yourself before (we distinguish this from submitting to) the Higher Power, before God, before destiny. This is a way to become truly free and happy. In this sense, one can consider constellation work as of the basic of spiritually-oriented psychotherapy.

A Systemic Family Constellation is one step on the path of discovering yourself and others, the laws of the Universe, and God. Many things may be investigated with the help of Constellations, as we can obtain practically any information this way. Another thing is how clearly we hear the Source. This depends on the qualifications and other qualities of the facilitator (in my opinion, the facilitator’s spirituality is especially important, as we reach spiritual dimensions in the Family Constellations).

During a Systemic Constellation, the family, kin, and other people significant for us are viewed as a system, as our problems are related to the violation of systemic laws. The causes of our failures, diseases, and traumas should be sought in our past or in the past of our forefathers. Do not hurry to blame your ancestors and disown them, though. They gave us the resources we need to be happy. It is only possible to receive this invaluable gift by having the attitude towards the members of your kin — non-judgmental, non-saving, and non-demanding. All that is required is a grateful glance from a child’s perspective at the adults who granted you your life. Looking up. Before them we must become small: children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. And the love will begin to flow upon us from above, from our ancestors. This love is capable of connecting the past and future through the present. Only you will be able to build this channel in your soul and in your heart. A tunnel from the past into the future. A tunnel from darkness to light. And then a Family Constellation will simultaneously become a map and an instrument with which you will build this tunnel.

Application Areas for Systemic Family Constellations

It was Sigmund Freud, who first suggested the metaphor of an iceberg to be used for the subconscious: Its tip, no more than one-tenth, is above the water and the rest is hidden in the depths of the ocean. It is this concealed part that Systemic Constellations address. Using this method, we can shad some light on the deep dark abyss of the unconscious mind, illuminate the sources of our reactions and our hidden interrelations.

Systemic Constellations work particularly well in cases where the client experiences difficulties in articulating the problem. This is due to the fact that in constellations we work with feelings and images rather than with logical constructs. Often a simple theme will be enough to kick-off a constellation, for example, “my relationship with my husband”, “my headaches”, “me and my business”. And because in constellations we work based on associations and intuition, it is possible to unravel underlying causes and come across unconventional solutions.

The second important feature of our method is the opportunity to look at the problem from a systems perspective. We can say that each person is a hologram of his own family system: whether we realize it or not, inside we carry a particle of our parents, and the parents of their parents, and so on. Events in the life of our ancestors have an impact on our lives, even if we were not familiar with these people and do not know anything (on a conscious level) about the events. The roots of many of our problems are found in the family history and are passed on from generation to generation.

The method of Systemic Constellations is best suited to solve problems, which require observing the circumstances at the level of unconscious processes and/or recognize systemic influences, mostly the fate of our ancestors).

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